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A great website like a strong cup of coffee energizes customers. It invites them in and encourages them to look around.

Welcome to Dean Triolo Design. I am a graphic designer, artist and coffee lover. I create websites, logos and print media designed to wake up your customers and stimulate business. Join me!

What I do

I use shape, color, mood and rhythm to create digital and print media. My job is to help you define your brand and design images that reflect your business niche.
Designs that stimulate interest, attract customers and invite them to stay.


Brand Identity

What makes your company unique and how do customers distinguish you from the rest? That’s branding. Logo, taglines, colors, graphics, content tone, etc. It’s the big picture.
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Dean Triolo Design

Website Design

The virtual front door to your business. One of the first places customers look for information about you, your products and/or services. Efficient, intentional, attractive design is everything.
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Dean Triolo Design

Social Media

Be part of the conversation. Social Media activity includes one or more platforms. It is one of the easiest ways to advertise, communicate and engage your customers.
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Dean Triolo Design

Print Media

Business card, brochures, catalogs and more. Portable information customers can carry home and consume at their leisure. It’s a tangible reminder of you and your company.
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Show and tell your customers. We create images and information for your Website, Social Media platforms and Blog postings that are as interesting and dynamic as your business.
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Dean Triolo Design

Why Dean Triolo Design is different

When advertisements and promotions fail to create the expected response, it may be due to uninspired design, poor color choice and/or jumbled messaging. By training and experience, I am a fine artist whose specialty is design. In conjunction with my software, layout and typography skills, I rely on my artistic training and talent to approach each project with an “artist’s eye”.

Good Word From  Clients

I treat each design project as a creative collaboration between designer and client. This partnership ensures that the end product is visually unique, the images are tailored to your clientele and the designs make your business stand out.


Social Media Management

“As a Farmers® Insurance agent-owner for more than 15 years, I appreciate the importance of consistent marketing efforts to keep my business visible to existing and prospective clients; maintaining a social media presence is definitely among the top three platforms. However, I found myself intimidated by social media and was nervous about continually posting similar content on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. As a result, even though our corporate office supplies daily content, I had neglected the social media marketing for my Lakewood, CA agency for a while. Until two years ago, when I hired Dean Triolo to manage my social media—which was a game-changer! Now I enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that posts are going out automatically every day, so I never need to worry about them. He has also helped me to overcome my fear of social media, since I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact of keeping my name in front of followers on a regular basis. I highly recommend Dean for social media management and more!” – Tony Sanchez, Farmers Insurance Agent, Lakewood CA

Tony Sanchez

Owner/Agent, Tony Sanchez Farmers Insurance

Logo, Business Cards, Website…

I had a commercial client who needed to adhere to the colors of his company’s logo when choosing art for his office. I went to Dean Triolo Designs because his art runs the gamut of the color wheel. I talked to Dean about the specifics needed to incorporate and he immediately presented me with several choices. After reviewing with my client, we chose Dean’s piece “Grandma III.” My client’s budget did not include purchase of the original piece. However, Dean informed that he could recreate this piece on canvas at the size we needed. I received the reproduction in a very timely fashion. My client and I were most impressed with the ease of this transaction and the fantastic piece that now adorns a wall in his office. I highly recommend Dean Triolo Designs and look forward to collaborating with him in future projects.

Terre Griley

A Change of Space

Terre Griley

Interior Design and Refining, A Change of Space

Logo, Website, Business Card, Bi-Monthly Newsletter

“Dean Triolo Design combines world class internet savvy with sensitive graphics development that has been instrumental in my on-line work being widely recognized and praised. Dean is an accomplished fine artist as well as a marketing maven. This combination of skills is exactly what I was looking for when I found him. I am grateful.”

Dr. James Dohn

Chiropractor, Dr. James Dohn

Logo, Business Cards, Promotional Prodcuts, Website, Print Ad

Dean and I have worked closely over the years to provide my business with the most cutting edge and provocative marketing materials to help business stand out in an extremely competative marketplace. I am also an avid collector of Dean’s artwork. I find it not only to be beautiful but also inspirational.

Don MacBain

Producer-Special Venue, Themepark, Museum, Movies & Commercials, Don MacBain

Website Design, Social Media  

Prior to becoming a realtor I worked at the University of California, Irvine where I had a dedicated team of Social media and web site developers.  After leaving University life to pursue my independent career I quickly realized I needed an expert to handle social media and website development so I could focus on my clients.  I was extremely fortunate when I was introduced to Dean.  In no time Dean created my web page and signed me up for social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.  It was as if I had a whole team of developers working on my team.  Whether you need a social media tune-up or need a full blown social media structure from the start – Dean is your person. Dean’s understanding of how social media works and what works best- along with providing encouragement and coaching on how and why one needs to be present in social media has proven critical to my business.

Dan Dooros

Real Estate Professional Lic ID #01993166, Beach Cities Properties, Inc.

Dean is a one-stop shop to help you design your company’s brand. He has the knowledge and the ability to design your logo, e-mail, website, business card as well as any other business support including your social media presence along with website protection.
Dean makes introducing your brand to the market easy for you while allowing you the time to do what you do best. Most importantly, when Dean has completed all components of your brand profile, your brand will be consistent in the market for all your potential clients to see.

If you are sick, you see a doctor.  If your car is not running well, you take it to a mechanic. All companies need a professional to best present their brand to the world of business so I would highly recommend Dean Triolo Designs.

One of the reasons I chose Dean is because of all the horror stories I had heard about designers not finishing the work or were nowhere to be found if an issue arose a month or a year later.  I know if any issues arise with my business needs, Dean will be there to handle them next month, next year, or the years after.

Kevin Haeberle

Owner , Socalapparel and Promotional Products


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