5 Helpful Checkpoints for Your Website

Your website is one of the most important tools for conducting and growing your business. Because of its importance, you want to make sure that each potential customer who visits your site has the best possible experience. In order to avoid customer frustration, I have outlined 5 key checkpoints for your website:

  1. Responsive Format – With so many devise options, your website should be visible on multiple screen sizes – phone, laptops, PC, different screen sizes require different formats. Make sure your website can be viewed on all formats.
  2. Load Time – Slow load time can make all the difference to busy prospective customers. Improper image size and embedded video size are just two problems that can cause a lag in load time and the loss of potential customers.
  3. Broken Links – Unresponsive or broken links can make navigating your website frustrating. Periodically check the links on your site to make sure they connect.
  4. Secure Checkout – Unsecure sites can scare off customers and few will want to buy if they think their information can be compromised. Installing an SSL certificate assures customers that their information is encrypted and their data is secure.
  5. Google Search Engine – Want people to find your business? Then they need to be able to Google it. As the largest search engine, Google is the first place most people go to search for businesses, reviews and information. Make sure your URL is listed.

Website navigation is part of customer service. Having a website that responds with ease to your customer’s needs leaves them satisfied. Doing your best to keep their information secure is as important to them as it is to your growing business.

When customers can proceed through your website quickly, effortlessly, and securely, they are more likely to spend time browsing through your business’ goods and/or services as well as bookmarking your site for future visits.

For more information or if you need help with website maintenance, please contact me at info@deantriolodesign.com

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