Dean Triolo
Dean Triolo


By training and experience Dean is a fine artist whose specialty is painting.

He has the “Artist’s Eye” for color, balance and design. Dean’s work is on display in the California State Capital art collection. Three of his paintings were featured in the Johnny Depp movie “Transcendence.” His work commands five figure prices in galleries and auction houses.

Dean applies these same creative talents in conjunction with his software, layout and typography skills on your behalf and in all of his graphic design work.



Most advertising and promotion fails to create the response expected from the marketplace. Uninspired design, poor color choices and jumbled messaging can kill your next big promotion.

You need a designer with the “Artist’s Eye!” Someone experienced in delivering attention grabbing branding. An artist whose design skills are so finely tuned, his digital and print creations generate immediate response from the marketplace. You need Dean Triolo!