This case study focuses on Herbert Wiggins of Hearthstone Legal Group in Southern California. Hearthstone Legal Group specializes in Bankruptcy, Debt, and Real Estate law.

I first met Herb in 2019. At the time, he had a cloud-based website and was having trouble accessing it. Instead, he wanted a website hosted on a platform where he had creative control, ownership, and easy access. In addition, he wanted to increase his visibility by adding a blog, vlog, and newsletter.

For this project, my goal was to design and build a user-friendly website highlighting Herbert’s services, his ability to communicate in blog and vlog formats, and increase his online presence.

I used WordPress to build his site and Site Ground for hosting. In addition, I designed his newsletter in Mailchimp.

As a result, I created a user-friendly website with a blog and vlog link. Herb can now post both his written and recorded information directly onto his site.



Explaining the law and providing information to his current and potential clients was Herb’s primary objective. I made it easy for clients to find information on the specific area of expertise they need. I also highlighted that Herbert speaks three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.















To increase his visibility, I advised him to put his videos on his website and YouTube channel.




Building an online presence means taking advantage of all the tools available. With a user friendly website, Herbert Wiggins now has an easy-to-navigate site that includes both written and recorded information relevant to his clients. He has a newsletter designed to keep his clients up to date on explanations of the law and easy-to-find links on his website to all his social media accounts.



I recommend Herbert Wiggins of Hearthstone Legal Group to anyone who is looking for a bankruptcy attorney. Herb provides all who visit his website the information necessary to make an informed decision when seeking bankruptcy, debt, or real estate representation.


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