In February 2021 I was invited on the show All In With Bryan WeatherfordMr. Weatherford and I discussed art, graphic design and how incorporating both into my design business can help your small business. 
You can view the 10 minute interview above.

An edited excerpt from the conversation follows:

Bryan Weatherford: Could you give us a definition [of graphic art]? Because frankly, graphics art is one of those things that everybody’s heard and few people know exactly what that means, and even fewer know why they need a graphics artist in their life.

Dean Triolo: What I do for my clients is design and build their website. I design and have published print media like advertising and magazines, postcards, business cards. I help people design the logo, their branding, which every business should start with.

Bryan Weatherford: I’m glad you brought that word up “brand” because everybody these days “brand” has almost become a buzzword, but absolutely is critical and a lot of people think that the logo only is the brand. The logo may be the most important part, but it’s by no mean the only part.

Dean Triolo: On a website, you have eight seconds to get them into the website before they’re gone. So that takes a lot. It’s got not only the copy, but how it looks. Are they intrigued? Is there a video on the website? Are you able to capture their attention enough so they click on something and come into the site? It’s really, really important and right now especially with the pandemic situation, it’s critical that all your virtual and online presence really gets their attention and gets them into the site and pays attention to your marketing.


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