Thank You Notes –It may seem archaic to write and mail a hand written note to your client when an email is more efficient, but taking the time to write and thank your customer will set you apart. A written note is an opportunity to express your appreciation for their time and business and a final reminder of your successful partnership. If possible, your cards should feature your company name, logo and contact information.

Personalized Customer Service – “The customer is always right” used to be the mantra of businesses both big and small. Today, automation, rote scripts, and chatbots create a sense of distance and a feeling that customers are not valued, appreciated or worth your time.  Tailoring customer service to meet your client’s needs and prioritize their satisfaction elevates their experience and encourages repeat business.

Phone Calls – Email and text messages are great for quick communications, but when you take the time to call and speak directly to your customer it means they are receiving the attention and respect they deserve. If you work alone, tell customers how and when you are available for phone calls. You may want to consider creating an appointment calendar or add an appointment scheduler to your website. When customers know your availability it creates a sense of security and appreciation of your time as well as theirs.

Reciprocity – You own a business, your client owns a business, your friends or family members may own a small business and if they are all on social media, it has never been easier to promote and support one another. The most flattering recommendations are from happy customers because you know no one would personally recommend your business to their family and friends if they didn’t like working with you. Promoting your clients and asking them to reciprocate is a symbiotic relationship that has never been easier. Personal recommendations are great for expanding your customer base and social media plays an important role in spreading the word. It’s fast, easy and popular.

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