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On average consumers spend around 30 minutes reading their mail (45 minutes on magazines; 30 minutes on catalogs; and 25 minutes on direct mail). 79% of consumers find reading physical mail more convenient than reading emails. Thus, 73 percent of Americans prefer physical mail for brand communications specifically because they can read it at their convenience. At the same time, 51 percent of Americans pay more attention to direct mail than email.In fact, consumers remember the brand name 70% better if they see it on a print ad (75%) compared to digital ad (44%): source:

Print is Vital

Studies clearly showed that physical ads led to a stronger emotional response, and participants remembered them better. Participants also spent more time on physical ads compared to digital ones. Print matters, people, especially when it comes to advertising!

Effective Impressions

10% more customers will visit advertiser’s website because of effective print ads.

26% of them will keep direct mail for future reference.

25% of them actually spend more when businesses reach them through both direct mail and email.

62% of US consumers and 63% of Canadian consumers admitted that they actually enjoy checking their mail.

40% of all American adults look forward to checking their mail.

56% say that receiving a mail is a “real pleasure” for them.

55% look forward to finding out what mail they received.

70% feel that direct mail is more personal compared to digital.

70-80% of them open almost all of their mail.

Direct mail is 20% more likely to motivate consumers to take action compared to digital media.

Accordingly 79% of consumers immediately act on the mail they receive with direct mail response rates reaching 24% (14% increase over the last 10 years).

And generally, direct mail open rate is between 80-90% compared to 20-30% email open rates.

Overall, direct mail outperforms digital marketing channels by around 600%.

Direct mail boosts ROI by 20% when it is included in an integrated campaign.

88% of millennials believe print is more official than digital.

88% of magazine readers in the UK preferred print.

90% of them consider print reliable.

75% find it valuable.

And 87% of them like receiving direct mail.

Financial services followed by packaged goods are the most active direct mail users.



Each case individually executed with knowledge of the clients target audience, branding and the highest visual impact to get across the clients message. 

Book Cover

My client had written a contemporary romance novel. I wanted to reflect the character of the book and make the cover really stand out from everything else on the shelf.

Full Page Ad

My client was placing a full-page ad on the inside cover of a SoCal travel magazine. I had been to the restaurant and was familiar with the unique setting and design estetic. My ad design leads the audience eye throgh the ad through the images down to text. 

Business Card

I had designed the logo for my client and then we went forward with a business card. Using her colors and fonts from her logo, I designed a simple and elegant card reflecting the personality of her interior design business.


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Print Media

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