Lately I’ve been working on several single page websites and if you are not familiar with them, I have outlined a few of their advantages below.

Single page websites are convenient and like multi-page websites can be updated and revised. They need to be maintained, require their own domain name and hosting service, however hosting is available on a month-to-month basis depending on your timeline.

Single page websites can be linked to a main multi-page website or be used as a stand-alone site. Once your promotion or event has ended, the domain name can be redirected to your main website.

Some advantages of single page websites are:

  1. Single Product or Service – Launch your new business or product on a dedicated single page website. Your page can include product or service images, video and description. An appointment scheduler can be added and don’t forget to include contact information, pricing and location.
  2. Special Events – Hosting a special event, class, meeting or concert? A one page website can be the perfect way to inform, promote and sell tickets to your event. Include dates, times, and special guests performers or speakers. Add a pop-up email form to create your customer list and send reminders or updates.
  3. Limited Time Offers or Promotions – Want to promote a seasonal product or service? A single page website can promote and sell your seasonal, limited time, limited quantity or introductory special. Your page can include all the information of a single product or service and can be linked to a main website or used as a stand-alone site.
  4. Book Launch – Congratulations! You’ve written and self-published your book. Now you want people to read it and a single page website is a great way to promote your book as well as link to your book seller. Your site can include information, reviews, and a Buy Now button.

If you’d like more information on Single Page Websites, please contact me at

For an example of a single page website, please click on the link below.

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