5 Tips for Choosing the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business

Whether you’ve been posting online since you were a child or just starting, your business digital marketing plan should include social media. Here are five tips on how to choose the best site(s) for your business.

Tip #1

Before creating multiple accounts, I suggest you research your competition and see which social media apps they use. The best site for your company’s social media may not be the same ones your friends and family use.

Companies, including small businesses, link their social media platforms to their websites, so see what your competition is doing before you create your business account.

Some businesses utilize only one social media platform, while others may use three or more. I use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for my design business; and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for my fine art business. I also have a YouTube channel and a verified business account through Google Business Profile.

Tip #2

Start with one platform. I recommend you start with one platform, especially if you are a solopreneur. Creating and posting content takes time, so if you’re learning a new platform or branding a new business, set aside time to learn the platform and how to best craft your post.

Also, decide if you want to post images, videos, text, or a combination of all three. Check the short description and links below to access nine popular sites and their formats.

Tip #3

Is your business local, national or worldwide?

Businesses that provide local services within a specific area can do well with a single-page website, Google Business reviews, or a Facebook business page. These businesses rely on local customer reviews to expand their clientele and promote their services.

Tip #4

Even if most of your customers fall into one demographic, I recommend that you not assume they all follow the same platforms. Yes, you want to appeal to your base, but you might grab more attention from customers on different platforms where their demographic group may be in the minority.

Tip #5

Cross-posting across three (or more) platforms can widen your visibility and capture new customers. Multiple platforms may be right for you when you want to grab national or worldwide attention.

Multiple platforms require more posts and different formats for each audience; however, once you are comfortable creating content (or you hire someone to do it for you), cross-posting is easy with a scheduling app.

The following are nine social media applications you may want to consider for your business.

Facebook –Text, video, or photos. According to HubSpot, over 93% of businesses are on Facebook. 

Instagram – Photos & video. According to Statista, 17.1% of global active users are men 24 – 34 years old.  

YouTube – Video content

Twitter – Text containing 280 characters or less, images, video. 

LinkedIn – Business to Business platform. Video, images, blog posts. 

Medium – Written content: Blogs & Publications

TikTok – 15 seconds to 10-minute videos. 24% are 18-24-year-old women (per Statista)

Pinterest – 60% women, 35% Millennials. Image and video. 

Tumblr – 61% Gen Z. Microblogging, multimedia. 

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