As a graphic designer, I have built many websites. Whether I create a new website or update an existing one, the number one secret to getting your website built fast is to have your content ready to submit before hiring a designer.

What is content? Great question! Website content includes the pictures and copy that best represent and describe your company and its products or services. Every page on your website will need either text, images, video, or audio content.

How do you organize the content for your designer? Another great question! Luckily, Alaska Web Design & SEO designers have created this short, informative video on How to Organize & Create Your Website Content.

I encourage you to watch this video before you meet with a designer and have the information available to discuss during your creative brief.

Whether you hire someone to write your copy or take photos/videos, having your content prepared and ready to submit to a designer will increase your chances of getting your website built fast and on schedule.

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