Regardless of your business size, if you need to schedule appointments, send invoices, or send recurring emails and reminders, I have found three great applications to save you time and money. WAVE Financial, Calendly, and Right Inbox are three applications I use to manage my time, accounting, and email tasks.

Please note: I do not receive any compensation from the websites/apps listed. My recommendations are based solely on my opinion and personal experience. 

Whether you have employees, an assistant or work alone, WAVE Financial is perfect for accounting needs and customers who like to pay by check. While I do use PayPal for online payments, I find that there are a lot of customers who prefer to skip the service fees and pay by check.

For these customers, I use the WAVE Financial application. Like PayPal, WAVE allows you to create custom invoices and schedule recurring invoices. The manual payment feature in WAVE allows you to input payment information and customize customer receipts. In addition to these, the WAVE free version includes Financial Reports, Vendor Accounts, Purchase information and more.

WAVE offers paid subscriptions that include online payments, payroll, tax services, etc. I use the free account and am extremely happy with the ease of use and custom invoice features. I also can generate financial and customer statements, account activity, general ledger reports, and more.

If you are still playing email tag with your clients when trying to schedule meetings or appointment times that work for both of you or your team, I recommend that you check out Calendly.

Calendly allows you to customize your availability and appointment duration, links directly to your website, connects to your calendar (Google, Office 365, Outlook, or iCloud), provides a shareable link, and more.

Again, I use the free subscription for all my current business needs. However, additional features and plans are available. This application saves time by eliminating the frustration of back-and-forth emails.

The last application that I recommend is Right Inbox. This app is for scheduling emails, recurring reminders, recurring emails, and more. Right Inbox works with all your Gmail accounts (or the ones you specifically activate) for one fee. There is a free plan (note: the free plan does NOT include recurring emails) or a monthly and yearly plan that does include unlimited recurring emails and more.

In my business, I find that the more personalized attention I can give to my customers, the happier they are and the faster my business grows. Giving my customers payment options and the ability to schedule appointments at their convenience helps my customers run their businesses efficiently.

These, along with the ability to schedule email and recurring reminders, help me run my businesses more efficiently. WAVE Financial, Calendly, and Right Inbox are applications I use and recommend. If you would like more information, I have included the links below.

WAVE Financial


Right Inbox 




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