Dean Triolo Design Blog 6-18-19

Stop using GoDaddy!

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Now they’re tracking you without telling you… I found this great video that explains how and what they’re doing. I am constantly having to be a go between for my clients and GoDaddy. Long wait times, salespeople and not technicians and on and on…
I always recommend SiteGround to my clients. The most important thing is customer service to me. GoDaddy charges for SSl and emails and at Siteground that is all free. Also, I rarely wait over a minute or two to talk to someone.

GoDaddy Is Tracking You – Yet Another Reason To Not Use GoDaddy For WordPress Website Hosting

Guess What? GoDaddy is tracking your every move on your websites. Worst part? They never told you about it, they just started doing it. This is yet another r…

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