You’ve decided to become an entrepreneur. Congratulations! 

Now, you have to give yourself/business a distinguishing company trademark that tells who you are and makes you stand out from the rest of your industry. 

Here is the process that I commonly use to create a lasting and unique company identity. 

    1. We’ll sit down and I will conduct a creative brief with you. I’ll ask several questions to determine who is your business, who are your target market and what are your unique qualities. We’ll also talk about some design elements, such as color palettes, etc. This can up to about 90 minutes. 
    2. I do several sketches by hand, very low tech… from there I will narrow it down to 3.
    3. At that point, I will create the digital versions. I will also begin to incorporate color palettes and fonts. 
    4. Now I design 3 proof/ mock up logos from all the information gathered in my research and our creative brief. The proofs will have color and black and white versions. I will also provide 2 scales versions. It is very important that the mark will read well on a business card and a large banner for a special event.  
    5. The client and I will work together refining the mark so that if fits his needs. And usually within 3 rounds of revisions, we arrive at a new logo. 
    6. With your logo, I include PMS and CYMK colors, black and white versions and files that will work for print or digital mediums.

When deciding about who to use to create your company identity, take it very seriously, presentation is everything.